Applied and Accepted

So last Saturday I finally decided it was time to get my documents together and send them to an agency in China to apply for a job teaching English. I had previously looked around for some teaching agencies, found a few and decided on Buckland Group, which seemed the most legitimate out of the bunch.

Well, I got together my documents and e-mailed them in. The website said I would need to wait about three days to get a response, but that Sunday I got a letter back telling me I had been accepted and I needed to review, sign and return a contract, and then complete the application for a work permit.

All this has been done so incredibly fast. Last week I had no job and was wondering what I was going to be doing after I graduate in June, and now this week I’ve signed a contract and am now waiting for documents with which to apply for a visa….and slurping up any information I can find on China and teaching English.

Good-bye Montreal!!!



  1. Hi Amiee,
    We are looking forward to hearing about your travels. Keep us posted. This web site is great. Keep it up. Have fun!!
    Aunt Celeste and Uncle Mike

  2. Sept. 4th

    The reason your little ones are unruly Aimée is because they’re all excited seeing this lovely blue-eyed blond before them, attempting to teach them English words! Keep at it Aimée and I’m sure you’ll get through to them.

    Pépère and I just LOVE reading your “Blog” and if we have any personal comments that we’d like to convey, we’ll contact you via email.

    Love you and enjoy the adventure!

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