Visa, Route, Trains?

Still no invitation letter from Buckland, so I haven’t applied for my visa yet. I’ll be getting a business visa first, then getting my actual work permit in China a month or so after I get there.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for plane tickets obsessively and have found some cheap ones from Boston to Hong-Kong, but then the problem lies in getting from Hong-Kong to Guilin. There is a lot of switching from airports to taxis to trains involved but I think it might be kind of a fun adventure having to find my way from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, then to the train station to buy a ticket, etc….Maybe I could get the train from Guangzhou instead, because it’s a more familiar city…

Anyhow for the time being I should just wait for my visa materials and hope for a good outcome of my final semester of university….

Also, I found the blog of another future Buckland teacher for August, and I put a link to her blog in the side bar!


    1. hehe!! i was slacking off on writing blogs, and you just reminded me to get my rearrrrr in gearrrr! just wrote a good long one! p.s. did ad hoc get my postcard yet 😀

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