Month: June 2009


Last week I booked my flight to Guilin. I’ll be flying Air Canada since their prices have gone way down recently. 651$ all together from New York to Guilin! I’ll have an 11 hour layover in Shanghai, though I think it might be ok since I will just be able to walk around and eat food and people watch in a brand new place! Maybe I can wash my hair and face in an airport bathroom and look a little more presentable when I get to Guilin.


I’ve been busy lately and not really having time to get to nervous or excited. I’m working 9-5 M-F, and getting ready to move to a new temporary apartment with my current roommates where I’m going to be their very own hobo for the month of July.

Also, yesterday I finally had my graduation ceremony, so I officially have my diploma! My family came up to Montreal for the first time all together (except for erik and em), which was pretty fun. I brought them to the Tams on Sunday, we ate good food and had a lot of tea at my apartment. I had packed my room into a few boxes and sent them home with my family, so now I’m down to some clothing and bedding. All set for a month of hobo-dom!!

And finally, at the end of July my mum will come pick me up and bring me back to Connecticut to stick around for a few weeks before heading to Guilin! Not sure what to do between now and then other than work and work and pack away some money for my first months in China, and also give Montreal one last hurrah!Family Graduation

Family and I at the Graduation. Actually, my family minus Erik and Em.